Stalking can occur anywhere, in all age groups and between coworkers, spouses, friends, classmates or strangers — every type of relationship has the potential for stalking situations. This workshop provides organizations, schools and businesses with a better understanding of the nature of stalking, including motivations related to different types of stalkers. Specific focus will be given to the complexities of assessment and management of situations related to cyber-stalking. Participants will review an informal assessment tool to help in determining the level of risk and be provided with various options for appropriate management strategies of stalking situations.

About This Workshop

Workshop Outline

  • Defining Stalking
  • Stalking Behaviors — What Stalkers Do
  • Stalking Statistics
  • Impact of Stalking on Victims
  • Types of Stalkers and Motivations
  • Cyber-Stalking Typologies
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Cyber-Stalking/Bullying Safety Tips
  • Stalking Threat Assessment
  • Determining Level of Risk
  • Intervention for Stalker
  • Intervention for Victim


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Target Audience

This is an intermediate level workshop intended for managers, school personnel, social service and health care professionals, law enforcement, human resource professionals and anyone who is interested in the assessment and management of stalking behavior.