Restorative justice is a response to harmful incidents that seeks the direct inclusion of all involved in efforts to meaningfully address the harm and foster renewed relationships. Drawing on the work of Canada’s original restorative justice pioneers and best practices around the globe, this national training event will deliver the essential skills of convening harm-focused dialogue processes within community, organizational and educational settings. This is a highly interactive workshop where participants will practice and gain confidence in facilitating a model of dialogue that is participant driven, culturally sensitive and empowering for all involved.

This 3-day training is offered in partnership with the Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives.
Please note that if the restorative justice training you need is for the education system that we are also able to offer a school specific training. Contact us to discuss your needs.

About This Workshop

Workshop Outline

Day 1

  • What Does ‘Justice’ Require?
  • Punishment and Its Limitations
  • Defining Restorative Justice
  • Restorative Conferencing Overview
  • Intervention Styles: Self-Assessment
  • Facilitator Capacities and Responsibilities

Day 2

  • Initial and Preparatory Meetings in Conferencing
  • Overview and Demonstration of Meeting
  • Non-verbal Listening Skills
  • Verbal Listening Skills: Reflecting, Asserting, Reframing, Probing Techniques
  • Assumptions around Facilitation
  • Moving Beyond Positions
  • Co-facilitation
  • Demonstration of Restorative Conference Facilitation

Day 3

  • Practice of Restorative Conference Facilitation
  • Essential Elements of an Agreement
  • Power Imbalances
  • Caucusing
  • Responding to Participant Disclosures
  • Strategies for Implementing Restorative Justice



Please Note: For participants who have taken our introductory workshop, Restorative Justice — Guiding Principles for Communities and Organizations, the first half-day will be review, but the remaining material will be new to you.


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Method of Delivery

Lecture, discussion, skill development, video and facilitation practice

Target Audience

This is an introductory-intermediate level workshop intended for those interested in integrating restorative justice principles and practices within their school, business or other organizational context. Previous training in interpersonal communication and/or group facilitation is an asset.