Lateral violence occurs when harmful behaviors we experience show up in our interactions with our families, communities and organizations. It is expressed in many forms including lack of trust, favoritism and poor communication – these issues typically lead to conflict between individuals or within an entire group. Moving beyond the cycle of lateral violence begins with people becoming aware of its causes and impacts. This workshop will teach participants to understand the dynamics of lateral violence and how to work towards solutions for prevention by developing a better personal awareness and enhancing communication and conflict resolution skills.

About This Workshop

Workshop Outline

Day 1

  • Lateral Violence Overview
  • Types of Lateral Violence
  • Escalation of Lateral Violence
  • Your Story
  • Working Towards Solutions
  • Conflict Overview
  • The Problem with Assumptions
  • Exploring Root Issues
  • Assessment
  • Finding Your Interaction Style
  • The Nature of Anger
  • Anger Escalation Cycle
  • Managing Anger
  • Words that Trigger
  • Road Blocks to Harmony
  • Communication Test
  • Effective Communication
  • Qualities of a Good Communicator
  • Three Parts of Communication

Day 2

  • Passive Communication
  • Communication Skills
  • Preparing for Difficult Interactions
  • Resolving Issues and Moving Beyond
  • Practical Tips
  • Phone or Email
  • Working Towards Prevention
  • Self-Assessment


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Method of Delivery

Lecture, video, personal reflection, skill development and small group discussion

Target Audience

This is an introductory level workshop intended for anyone wanting to explore the role of lateral violence in their organization.