Every person at some point in life will experience grief and loss, a profound sense of final separation from something or someone important. Grief is a normal and appropriate reaction to the death of a loved one, the experience of separation/divorce, intergenerational loss or the loss of opportunity. While there are similarities in how individuals work through loss, grief is a complicated and unique experience that requires helpers to be sensitive to the needs and experiences of those they are supporting. This workshop is designed to give helpers an increased awareness of the dynamics of grief, and to provide tools and strategies to best support someone who is grieving. Through personal sharing and discussion, cultural and popular understandings of grief and loss, and the influences these have on how we experience and work with grief will be explored.

About This Workshop

Workshop Outline

  • Overview of Grief and Loss
  • Making Sense Of Grief
  • Myths, Misunderstandings and Messages
  • Models of Understanding Grief
  • Exploring the Impacts of Grief and Loss
  • Grief, Loss and Depression
  • Grief, Loss and Trauma/Complicated Grief
  • Grief, Loss and Addictions
  • Responding to Grief and Loss
  • Paths to Healing/Recovery
  • Experiencing/Expressing the Pain of Loss
  • Becoming your own expert on grief
  • Remembering and Ritual
  • Merging your Paths
  • Developing a New Identity
  • Obstacles to Grieving “Well”
  • Preparing for Loss
  • When Additional Support May be Needed
  • Tips For Working With Children And Youth
  • Additional Strategies


Two day version
The two day workshop allows more time for discussion and reflection on our own experiences of grief. These reflections and activities will be applied to additional strategies for helping others.

In addition, The two day training allows for more opportunity to customize the workshop. Examples of topics that may be expanded may include:

  • Impacts of trauma (including intergenerational/historic traumas and grief)
  • Working with grief and addictions
  • Working with children, families and communities

One day version
The one day workshop covers much of the same theory as the two day version, but there is less of an emphasis on group exercises and discussion. (Please note that the Public Workshop is our one day version.)


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Target Audience

This is an introductory-intermediate level workshop intended for counselors, family support workers, mental health workers, community workers and others supporting people working through grief.

Method of Delivery

Lecture, personal reflection, video, case study review and small group discussion