We all encounter people we find difficult. Typically conversations with them leave us feeling frustrated, stressed, angry and tired. This workshop will analyze what is happening in those exchanges and demonstrate how people can adapt their strategies to bring about more productive conversations with those they find difficult. Individual styles will be explored with an emphasis on understanding and adapting one’s style to create different results. Participants will learn how to create the right conditions for a conversation with a person they find difficult. They will also learn how to positively engage the other in a discussion about the pattern of difficult behavior. This workshop gives participants a straightforward approach that creates dramatic change in the outcome of conversations with people they find difficult.

This workshop is offered through ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance.

About This Workshop

Workshop Outline

  • Who is a Difficult Person?
  • My Case Study
  • What is Reasonable Behavior?
  • Where You Have Influence and Control
  • Intervention Styles and Difficult People
  • Your Personal Intervention Style Assessment
  • What is Bullying?
  • Dealing with the Bullying Person
  • Dealing with the Chronically Angry Person
  • Understanding the Anger Cycle
  • The Anger Defusing Process
  • Dealing with the Resistant Person
  • Dealing with the Passive Aggressive Person


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Method of Delivery

Lecture, personal reflection, skill building, video and small group discussions