All too often, minor incidents and simple disagreements can lead to conflict. In order to move through conflict in a healthy manner, youth need the tools to express their emotions and perspectives, and at the same time be open to hearing those of others. Participants will learn and practice conflict resolution skills that will equip them to face future conflicts with not only new strategies but also confidence.

All of our workshops for youth use age appropriate learning methodologies including physical exercises, group activities, video, personal reflection, and group discussion. Workshops are highly interactive in nature and trainers are both insightful and engaging.

Workshop Outline

  • Places of Conflict
  • Causes of Conflict
  • Reacting to Conflict
  • What’s Your Conflict Style?
  • What I Mean — What I Do — What Results
  • Two Sides to a Conflict
  • Seeing Two Sides in a Conflict
  • Helpful Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Dealing with Hurtful Behaviors

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