We work hard to attract and retain trainers who are not only specialists in their field, but also engaging speakers who are passionate about and dedicated to our purpose.

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Ruth Yeo-Peterman, M.A., LMHC

Ruth is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Washington who holds a Master’s degree in Expressive Therapies and Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science. She has more than a dozen years experience working within diverse and challenging environments in both South Africa and the United States, including diversion and rehabilitation, education, youth development, and community based mental health. Ruth is currently Vice President of Program Development and Training with First Aid Arts, where she is responsible for managing, developing, and facilitating experiential trainings for service providers on how to use the arts for trauma recovery and psychosocial support. She believes in the power of the expressive arts for health and well being - for expression and reflection, inspiring hope and healing, building connection, and creating possibilities for growth and change. As a passionate and creative facilitator, she is committed to engaging participants by creating dynamic and supportive spaces for participatory learning.

Krystel Salandanan, PsyD

Krystel is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist based in New York City with a doctorate in psychology from The Wright Institute and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Washington. She has specialized experience in behavioral therapies, mindfulness-based techniques, behavioral medicine/health psychology, multicultural psychology and crisis intervention. In addition to training with CTRI, she works as a psychotherapist in behavioral medicine, working in a wide range of medical clinics and nursing facilities throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Complementing workshops with real-life clinical examples, practical skills training and a high-energy passion, she engages workshop participants in thoughtful discussion to optimize learning.

Henry Prempeh, PhD

Based in the Washington, DC, area, Henry is a practicing Clinical Psychologist who has extensive clinical and research experience working with children, families and adults struggling with a variety of emotional, psychological and social issues. His background includes work in a variety of settings including schools, juvenile justice system, community organizations and hospitals. Henry also has extensive training and work experience with issues related to teen parenthood and providing comprehensive mental health resources to teen fathers. As a trainer, he is a passionate presenter who brings an ecological framework to all aspects of his work that includes sensitivity to issues related to diversity.

Jennifer Graville Bricker, MA

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Master of Arts in Conflict Transformation, and brings over 15 years of experience in non-profits and non-profit leadership to her work in organizational development. She is skilled in workplace conflict resolution, systems development, and organization-wide communication processes, and is passionate about developing workplaces that are healthy, fulfilling, and transformational for everyone. Jennifer believes that organizations succeed when everyone’s voice is valued and differences in power and privilege are acknowledged. Her experience in a variety of professional and educational settings, as well as her enthusiasm, warmth, and elicitive approach to training, will help participants find meaningful insights to implement in their contexts.

Shadell Permanand, LL.M

Based in Chicago, Shadell has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of restorative justice, conflict resolution, and cultural diversity. She has a Master of Laws (LL.M) specializing in Dispute Resolution from Osgoode Hall Law School. Shadell has worked as the Executive Director of a conflict resolution and restorative justice organization, and been in senior leadership roles at York University and University of Toronto related to conflict resolution, crisis management, developing student conduct programming, equity/diversity, and public education. She is an engaging trainer and consultant who is passionate about developing environments that support equity, inclusion, and constructive conflict resolution. Shadell teaches CTRI workshops in the areas of restorative justice, violence prevention, and conflict resolution.  

Vicki Enns, MMFT, RMFT

Vicki is the Clinical Director of the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute, an Approved Supervisor with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and an instructor in the graduate program for Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Winnipeg. She is the editor and co-author of our Counseling Insights book. In her private practice, she specializes in the area of trauma recovery for individuals of all ages, and she helps individuals, couples, and families build positive mental health and relational skills across developmental stages. She believes in a holistic approach to wellness that applies to both clients and helpers. Vicki also believes that it is essential for helpers to continue learning and developing their self-awareness alongside evolving clinical skills. As a trainer, she is particularly gifted at creating a learning atmosphere that is collaborative and respectful, and which embraces diversity in personal identity, skills, and cultural perspectives.

Joddie Walker, MSc, RP

Joddie holds a Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology and is a registered psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. She has a private clinical practice where she specializes in treatment of grief and loss, stress, and anxiety issues for children, adolescents and adults. Additional areas of expertise include a sub-specialty with first responders and their families, and other professionals who are in the helping profession who may be experiencing PTSD or secondary traumatic stress. Joddie’s philosophy to treatment is the use of evidenced-based and trauma-informed practices in a strength-based, multi-disciplinary approach. She believes positive change happens when curiosity and desire for change sparks creative human interactions that unlock new opportunities. As a trainer, Joddie draws on her humour, and the strength and resilience she has witnessed in her work to illustrate course content in a dynamic manner.

John Koop Harder, MSW, RSW

John has been working as a therapist and trainer for almost 20 years. He is a Registered Social Worker who holds a Master of Social Work degree. John is a co-author of our Counseling Insights book. Much of John’s career has centred on working with children, youth, adults, and families dealing with crisis and trauma. While he has a diverse practice, he has particular interest and specialized experience in working with individuals and families impacted by mental health concerns, violence, post-war trauma recovery, gender/sexuality issues, and sexual abuse recovery. John’s work is also informed by his international experiences working with individuals and communities impacted by civil war and ethnic conflicts in Colombia, Albania, and Northern Ireland. John believes people are their own best experts and already have many of the skills, abilities, and competencies that will assist them to address the challenges influencing their lives. John is a warm and engaging facilitator who values interactive learning experiences.

Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW

Lynda is a Registered Social Worker, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and adult educator with over twenty-five years of combined experience as a crisis intervention social worker and workshop facilitator. She holds a Master of Social Work degree and Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Social Work. In the past decade, Lynda has trained thousands of professionals across Canada in the areas of stress and trauma management, burnout prevention, mental health, resiliency, and organizational health. She believes that learning is the cornerstone to all growth and that individuals are inherently deserving of dignity, care, and respect. Lynda is a passionate facilitator who creates engaging and dynamic learning environments where new insights and learning occur.

Randy Grieser, MSW, RSW

Randy is the founder and CEO of the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute. He is a Registered Social Worker who holds a Master of Social Work degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Conflict Resolution. Prior to founding CTRI, he worked directly with issues of crisis and trauma while being employed in the areas of mental health, counselling, and crisis management within community, school, and hospital settings. While Randy is primarily involved in providing leadership to the development and delivery of CTRI’s workshops and services, he does continue to train in the areas of violence prevention, crisis response, and mental health. He believes that access to knowledge and skill development changes individual lives, communities, and organizations. Randy is a dynamic presenter who delivers content-oriented presentations that are both engaging and informative.

Matthew Hartman, MA

Matthew holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Transformation and teaches CTRI workshops in the areas of restorative justice, bullying, violence prevention, and conflict resolution. He has comprehensive experience as a restorative justice practitioner including ongoing consultation for restorative justice implementation in complex criminal justice systems and dialogue facilitation in cases of severe and violent crime. In addition to strategic planning and program development, Matthew has experience in the expansion and capacity building of the community to play an active role in responding to juvenile crime. He also has extensive training and education in trauma healing, qualitative evaluation, conflict analysis and theory, human security, and strategic peacebuilding. As a trainer, Matthew brings to his work a strong sense of presence and listening combined with skills to move individuals and groups toward their goals. The resulting safety allows individuals to express their feelings, thoughts and needs which channels collaborative, creative and effective dialogue, planning and problem solving.

Aaron Lyons, MA

Aaron holds a Masters Degree in Conflict Transformation and teaches CTRI workshops in the areas of restorative justice, bullying, violence prevention, and conflict resolution. In addition to training with CTRI, he is a consultant in private practice, where he works with schools, criminal justice, and other organizations both nationally and internationally. Aaron’s background includes facilitating Family Group Conferences in the United States and New Zealand, designing and convening peacebuilding programs for Palestinian and Israeli youth, addictions treatment programming, and outdoor leadership. Aaron is a firm believer in the ability of people to grow and discover their own creative ways through even the most difficult life experiences. A passionate facilitator, he brings an upbeat, insightful, and engaging presence to all of his workshops.