Sometimes stress, personality differences, or other precipitating factors can lead to conflict between individuals or among an entire group. Dealing with conflict can be both frustrating and time consuming, and can limit the effectiveness of all the people involved.

Whether a dispute involves two individuals or a larger group, a mediated process can resolve disputes that otherwise continue to be a burden on all those involved. CTRI’s mediators will work with disputing parties to identify interests, clarify issues, and work towards options for resolving the conflict. The time required for mediation is different in each situation and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Successful mediation requires:

– The desire to resolve the conflict from both parties
– Both parties agree to the mediation process
– The mediator to be viewed as unbiased

While there are some circumstances (violence, harassment, etc.) where the use of mediation may not be suitable, in most cases, when all of the preceding points for successful mediation are met, mediation has a high success rate.