Working with people who have Autism and FASD can be a very meaningful experience, but it is not without its challenges. At some point, everyone gets stuck and frustrated by a lack of movement, change or growth in the people they support, feeling we’ve tried everything and nothing is working.  Going too far down this road can lead to discouragement and burnout and is ultimately a disservice to those we support.

As service providers and clinicians, we benefit from a fresh perspective on our most challenging clinical cases and the analysis of well-trained eyes. Supporting people with Autism and FASD involves a specific set of skills and knowledge. It requires a person-centred approach that recognizes what may work for one person may not work for the next, as each person is unique. Engaging with a CTRI Disability Support Consultant provides experienced analysis and discussion of your specific situation. Doing this in an environment that is respectful and collaborative not only contributes to one’s intervention skill set, but it moves us from frustration to hope.

CTRI Disability Support Consultants are equipped with the most up to date best practice and evidence based knowledge to help improve your assessment and intervention skill set. We work in a flexible and collaborative manner to explore behavioural and service delivery challenges. Consultation can be flexible to your context and needs. All recommendations and strategies will be strength-based and specific to the person and environment to ultimately help those you work with achieve success.

Consultation can take on numerous forms, including:

  • Development of a functional map for people with FASD
  • Case study consultation where challenging scenarios are explored and practical strategies and adaptations provided
  • Establishing a Function of Behaviour Chart with target goals for people with Autism